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Experience & Skills

Experience & Skills

The skills necessary to develop effective marketing, design and interactive communications range from business planning to designing the user experience to technical writing. Below is a sample of our core skills.

Marketing and Advertising

From small business to large corporations alike, you know the importance of getting your message out. 8 Sharp's experienced professionals will work with you to develop a Marketing Communications Plan that reaches your audiences across every medium. From strategic market planning to branding and throughout campaign execution, we'll increase your brand equity, craft the right message, and implement consistently across your mediums.

Graphic and User Experience Design

Great experience design is at the heart of everything we do. Our reputations were built on it. From creative concepting to developing information architecture, 8 Sharp will develop a user experience that draws the user in, engages them and informs them. In short, we'll tell your story—not just in words—but in the colors, sounds, mood and tone that best convey the message.

Professional Writing and Content Management

According to Mark Twain, it takes a lot longer to write a short letter than a long one. At 8 Sharp, we know what he means. Telling your company's story will take time. But our content experts know that clear, concise writing will capture your customers' attention more than endless blocks of text and unnecessary detail. Whether it's a direct mail brochure or the text on your homepage, we'll craft the right message to draw the reader in.

We can also manage and organize your web content including technical help, online training, or a total site restructuring, we can get a handle on how to present your message in a way that is helpful and informative.

Print, Web and New Media Production

Our Partners are experienced in print, web and new media production techniques. On the print side, Quark Express and Adobe Illustrator are our tools of choice. When it comes to web production, our experience ranges from simple HTML sites to complex, database-driven web applications. We're also experienced in Macromedia products such as Flash and Director, capable of creating CD-ROMs, CD Business cards, trade show kiosks and other new media products.

Training, Process Design and Instructional Design

Several of our Partners have especially rich backgrounds in internal communications and employee training including technical writing, computer-based training, lecture-delivered training, user manuals, process documentation, and other communications materials.

To learn more about our core skills and experiences, review the Managing Partners profiles.