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How We Work

Experience Design


Simple Inspirations

The Partners at 8 Sharp have one unifying philosophy—the best solutions are the most simple.

We take this philosophy from our Inspirations. Great designers like Phillipe Starck, legendary writers like Mark Twain, and famous photographers such as Ansel Adams. And we apply this philosophy to our work.

The result? Clear, concise solutions that really do cut through the clutter.

Goals and Results

In all of our projects, from the smallest direct mail postcard to an E-Commerce engine, we set goals and drive for results. Our first question is "what impact do you want this to have on your business?" Our next step is then determining the most effective means of accomplishing your goals. Our work is driven by an easy, six-phase methodology developed after years of experience delivering small and large projects alike. The resulting 8 Sharp Methodology is continuous—beginning with strategy and cycling around when we measure our results and act upon them.

Strength in Partners

The 8 Sharp approach is driven by the Partners' shared work experiences and common outlook on life—simplicity in everything we do. Our relationships have been forged over countless projects—some that went well and others that didn't. Through our common experiences we emerged, eager to form a different type of marketing and design firm. A company based on getting our clients the results they need—and nothing else.

More On Our Approach

Many factors drive this approach, from our Methodology to our firm's operational model. Please continue reading the following topics to find out more:

Methodology – Our clear, easy-to-follow process for all of our projects.

How We Work – Our organizational structure reflects our "simple solution" philosophy.

Experience Design – Our shared vision about experience marketing and design.