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How We Work

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How We Work

Just the Right Size

The 8 Sharp "work model" is designed with a much overused, but true saying in mind, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Each of our Partners decided that a consulting practice would better suit their lifestyle, but found that going it alone was, well—lonely. So we've come together, five of us, each a Managing Partner of 8 Sharp.

Each Partner pursues their own projects, completing individual consulting engagements. Partners also bring together larger teams for multi-disciplined projects such as website development or to implement the tactics of a larger marketing communications campaign. With this model, we can be "just the right" size for any client and any type of engagement.

Serving Many Needs

With each Managing Partner specializing in a key discipline, our team can serve all of your marketing, writing, design, print, web and new media needs. You will always work directly with a Managing Partner; you won't be handed off to a less experienced team. In addition to our Partners, 8 Sharp has an extensive team of writers, designers, art directors, information architects, web programmers and much more. Each Partner assembles and manages a team best suited to your project's needs.

Streamlined Model Brings Value

Our company model is streamlined—virtually no overhead—and that means value for you. All you are paying for is the work, not our cool new offices or the espresso machine or box at the Mellon Arena. Which unfortunately means we won't be able to get you choice seats for the NHL playoffs either.

When and where we work is also very flexible. Outfitted with the best technology, we are not constrained by office boundaries or traditional work hours. As a team, we get together when and where we need to—even at your office if that helps speed the project along.

Self-managing and Seasoned

Typically consulting firms are led by one or two experienced professionals, but our model is different. 8 Sharp is managed by five experienced, seasoned professionals—each well-respected among their peers. Many of us advanced in our careers to the point where we were managing those who did the work—instead doing it ourselves.

We choose consulting because we could be hands-on once again. You benefit from this approach because we, the Managing Partners, are working directly on your project. This results in zero miscommunications, faster turnaround and more streamlined projects. The Managing Partner who sat for hours with you to work out the strategy and objectives, is the very same person who will be writing your copy or laying out the design.

How we work is very much influenced by the methods and best practices we employ. To learn more about it, read the section Methodology.